Inventory keeper

A company’s inventory is one of its most valuable assets. As 2020 been a challenging year for businesses all over the world, especially for the physical retail stores as people are preferring online shopping and also correlating between them in terms of stock priority. As we go along in this modern era of technology for businesses to stay ahead of competition businesses requires instant valuable insights and optimise selling strategy in real-time. An inventory system that is built around for today’s business and also committed for future growth together.

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Attendence keeper

Employees are the cornerstone of any company's success therefore managing employees effectively could be the key mantra of achieving prosperity in this competitive market. We strongly believe there is a need for a centralised web-based dynamic Employee Management System that is fully integrated with the business. A system that is fully scalable for current business needs and also committed for future growth yet simple enough for everyone to use daily..

Visit: https://attendancekeeper.net

Marketplace Manager


In these unforeseen COVID-19 epidemic circumstances and ongoing strict lockdown in many countries, businesses struggled with supply chain disruption and delivery delayed among many other difficulties. As 2020 been a rollercoaster year for retail sectors but compare to physical retailers online retailers gained an unprecedented growth in online shopping leaving retailers competing to keep up with customer demands. Businesses have struggled to take this opportunity and build their future growth plans. As businesses learn to adopt this change, there is an opportunity for eCommerce businesses to build on the momentum of this year and set new strategies in place to drive business growth and market share.


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